VoxFest Vocal Bootcamp & Masterclasses

The worlds first pop up international vocal training bootcamp & masterclass series

World Premiere

Edinburgh Festival MasterClasses & Bootcamps

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Edinburgh Festival

4th - 24th August 2017

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Our 1 Day Vocal Bootcamp will show you how to:


Sing With Volume & Power

Learn certified techniques to improve your vocal power and projection.

Hit Those High Notes

No more worrying – we can show you how to hit those high notes with confidence and ease.

Work with Qualified Pro's

All of our Coaches are International performers, qualified in well respected CVT, SLS or Estill Techniques.

Sing Any Song in Any Style

Your voice is an instrument and we can show you how to unlock your full potential to sing in all styles.


Tell the Story

Learn how to interpret lyrics for maximum impact – not a dry eye in the house!

Get the Grrrr Factor!

Spice it all up! Add breathiness, vibrato and a whole host of rock, metal, jazz, soul folk and pop sounds to complete your transformation.